General Terms and Conditions

Fraport Conference Center

§ 1 Applicability

1. These General Terms and Conditions of Business apply to  rentals of conference rooms in the Fraport Conference  Center (FRACC) of Fraport AG for the purpose of holding  events and to all services provided in connection with such  events.

2. No provisions deviating from these shall apply, even if they  are contained in the renter’s own general terms and  conditions of business, unless they have been explicitly  acknowledged in writing by Fraport AG.


§ 2 Conclusion of the Rental Contract

1. When a party interested in renting one or more conference  rooms submits to Fraport AG a booking request, this act  constitutes an offer to conclude a rental contract. By  providing written confirmation of the reservation, Fraport AG  accepts the offer and the rental contract then acquires legal  force upon being signed by the renter.

2. If the renter is not also the event organizer or user of the  rooms, it is subletting them to a user or organizer; however,  this is allowed only with the prior written consent of Fraport  AG.

3. If the renter is not also the user or organizer of the event  held in the conference rooms, he/she is liable to Fraport AG  together with the user or organizer as joint debtors.


§ 3 Rental Property

1. The conference room indicated in the confirmation of  reservation, along with the booked equipment, will be  placed at the renter’s disposal in proper condition for the  duration of the rental period and at the agreed price. Fraport  AG reserves the right to assign another, comparable room  in the conference center as a substitute if there is good  cause to do so. Good cause constitutes, in particular,  defects in the conference room indicated in the confirmation  of reservation or the need to meet Fraport AG’s obligation to  provide rooms for press work in the event of an emergency  at the airport.

2. Unless the renter raises objections when accepting the  room, the room shall be considered accepted as is and free  of defects. No subsequently made objections are valid.

3. Fraport AG reserves the right to demand a joint inspection  of the room together with the renter before and/or after the  rental period.

4. Setup and takedown work and holding of the event shall be  carried out in consultation with Fraport AG. The renter must  comply with the applicable legal requirements, in particular  the ordinance on places of assembly and regulations on  accident prevention and fire protection. The renter alone is  responsible for holding the event in an orderly manner,  meeting reporting and registration requirements, and  complying with all laws, regulations, and official directives.  To the required extent, he/she shall arrange for an  inspection by the responsible government agency or facility  at his/her expense.


§ 4 Catering Services

1. Catering services for the event are provided by Airport Cater Service GmbH. Conditions concerning withdrawal and termination as laid out in §9 apply.


§ 5 Rent

1. The rent indicated in the confirmation of reservation applies.  It includes the costs for heating and air conditioning, general  room lighting, and the usual cleaning and use of conference  equipment that is designated in the confirmation of  reservation as not being subject to any additional charge.

2. The total amount due comprises the rent and costs for any  additional services provided, in particular use of conference  equipment that is designated in the confirmation of  reservation as being free of charge, plus the applicable  statutory value-added tax. It is due no later than 10 days  after the invoice date. In addition, unless otherwise agreed  Fraport AG may at any time demand advance payment of  up to the expected full amount of the final invoice. If the  agreed duration of rental is exceeded, there is an additional  charge per hour or fraction thereof according to the current  price list.

3. In the event of failure to make punctual payment, Fraport  AG is entitled to charge interest at the applicable statutory  rate. The obligation to compensate Fraport AG for any  further damages suffered as a result of tardy payment  remains unaffected. Unless the entire sum due is paid  punctually (i.e. rent and equipment costs plus the applicable  statutory value-added tax), the renter is immediately in  arrears, even without being specifically reminded to make  payment.


§ 6 Liability

1. Pursuant to the legal provisions, the renter is liable for  damage to property and injury to persons including any  consequential damages (financial losses) that are caused by  the renter, the organizer/user, or their representatives,  contractors and/or visitors. The renter must indemnify  Fraport AG against all claims for damages brought by third  parties in connection with the event, except for damages  that have been caused by Fraport AG intentionally or by  gross negligence.

2. Fraport AG is not liable for any objects introduced to the  rental property by the renter, the organizer/user, their  representatives or contractors, or visitors. At the end of the  rental period, renter must clear the rental property and all  associated facilities and leave them in their original state.Fraport AG is entitled to carry out or contract any required  clearing or repair work at the renter’s expense.

3. The renter is liable to Fraport AG for any damage caused to  the rental property as well as for any rent lost as a result of  having to repair such damage.

4. Fraport AG is only liable for damages caused by  inadequacies of the rental property or by intentional or  grossly negligent violations of obligations it has assumed.

5. The renter must obtain liability insurance and present the  insurance policy on request.

6. During the rental period, the renter is responsible for  ensuring safe conditions in the rented rooms.


§ 7 Decorations

Any objects brought to the rental property by the renter /  organizer / user must be reported to Fraport AG before the  event starts. The placement of decorations or other objects  must be agreed on with Fraport AG in advance. Particularly  decorative materials and the like must comply with fire  protection regulations. At Fraport AG’s request, the renter /  organizer / user must furnish proof that introduced objects  conform to DIN 4102. In cases of doubt, Fraport AG may  demand confirmation from the responsible fire protection  agency or officer.


§ 8 House Rules

Fraport AG and third parties contracted by it must be allowed  access to the rental property during business hours (Monday-Sunday) if there are grounds to suspect that the renter is using  the rental property in violation of the rental contract or is  neglecting its safety and due care obligations to an extent that  impinges on justified interests of Fraport AG. Instructions of the  airport security services must be followed. The Airport User  Regulations and the applicable rules of Fraport AG must also be  observed.


§ 9 Withdrawal and Termination

1.  Fraport AG is entitled to withdraw from or terminate the  contract with immediate effect if

  • the renter violates the terms and conditions of this rental contract,
  • there is reason to fear that the planned event will interfere with public safety and order or damage the reputation of Fraport AG,
  • the rental property cannot be made available due to instances of force majeure, or
  • the rental property cannot be made available or must be cleared to hold a press conference on an emergency situation at the airport.

Such a withdrawal or termination with immediate effect must be  immediately communicated to the renter.

2. If the renter withdraws from the contract for a reason for  which Fraport AG cannot be held responsible, the renter  must pay to Fraport AG a cancellation fee amounting to the  following percentages of the agreed price (rent for the room  plus conference equipment designated as subject to a  charge, specifically videoconferencing systems or externally  rented conference equipment from third-party providers)  plus the applicable statutory value-added tax:

  • 50% of the agreed price when withdrawing 28 or fewer  days before the event
  • 75% between 14 days and one day before the event
  • 100% on the day of the event

§10 Data Privacy

1. Fraport AG is highly committed to the protection and security of personal data. Personal data are processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation  (“GDPR”, EU 2016/679). The information according to  articles 13, 14 of the GDPR is available via


§11 Ancillary Agreements and Place of Jurisdiction

1. The foregoing General Terms and Conditions constitute part  of the rental contract.

2. Ancillary agreements, changes, and additions to the rental  contract must be made in writing. This also applies to  agreements to remove the written form requirement.

3. If one or more provisions of these General Terms and  Conditions should be or become void or invalid, this shall  not affect the validity of the other provisions. In such a case,  the parties shall undertake to replace each invalid provision  with another that most closely approximates the invalid  provision’s intention.

4. The place of performance and jurisdiction is Frankfurt am  Main, Germany, provided that the renter is a business or  businessperson in the sense of the German Commercial  Code.

Fraport AG
60547 Frankfurt/Main, Germany