Ideal equipment for your successful event

A productive meeting is only possible if the right equipment is available and the conference technology guarantees an uninterrupted event. Your success is our goal: Each room at Fraport Conference Center has standard equipment already included in the room rental fee, so that you can get started right away. If you require additional equipment or technical resources, you can book these according to your individual needs. Our team is on-site during your event to help and advise you.

Standard equipment in our rooms

The standard equipment and modern conference technology included in the room rental of the categories from S to XL meet all the requirement of a successful conference. You will only incur additional costs if you add further resources. Besides powerful WiFi, the standard equipment includes:

Extended equipment in large rooms

Our rooms in categories XXL and XXXL have more extensive standard equipment, suitable for these spacious rooms. This equipment is also included in the respective room rate. Additional equipment for your event can be booked for an additional charge.

Standard equipment in room category XXL

Standard equipment in room category XXL

In this category, the standard equipment from the smaller room categories is extended with additional components. The additional technical equipment includes a high-resolution high-performance projector and a projection screen. You will also find an integrated loudspeaker system. This ensures that everyone present can follow your audio content without any issues.

Standard equipment in room category XXXL

Standard equipment in room category XXXL

Our largest room category benefits from extensive equipment and offers additional features. With an increasing number of participants, the requirements on the technical equipment grows. Therefore, in addition to a lectern and flipchart, important technical components are already included in the XXXL standard equipment. These include two powerful high-performance projectors, a projection screen, an LCD screen as well as a preview monitor, a microphone and integrated loudspeaker system, and a Metaplan board including a presentation case. In this room category, the requested catering meals can be served on our gallery.

Contact & Booking

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Book additional equipment

Every convention, conference, and meeting has individual requirements for equipment and conference technology. That's why, beyond the standard equipment of our rooms, we provide an additional option of selecting further resources in the booking process as required - be it another flipchart, a large Metaplan board, a notebook, or webcams for hybrid events. With this selection of additional tools, you leave nothing to chance:

  • Additional flipchart

  • Large Metaplan board

  • Practical PC presenter

  • Modern notebook

  • Moderation case

  • Conference telephone spider

  • Webcam with 4K camera

Our team is here to help

Our team is here to help

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